Technical Specification

  • Power Supply : AC230V
  • Motor Voltage Rating : DC16-18V
  • Motor Speed : 6000RPM
  • Open/Close Speed (90 angle) : 10-15sec
  • Max. Leaf Opening Angle : 110degree
  • Arm Body : Epoxy Grey
  • Remote Control : 4channels (UHF)
  • Battery Type : 12V 7AH
  • Remote Control Range : -30meter
  • Product Warranty: 2 Years Warranty
  • Standby Operation By Battery : 48 Hours
Ideal Choice
for Swing Gate and Folding GateReliable Strength
against severe weather conditions

Quality Materials
used to couple various parts

Safety Detector
build-in to prevent unwanted injury

Convenient & Simple
to install and maintain

You’ll never have to get out of your car again in the rain or late at night to open your gate. Simply use the Handset to open your gate from your car. It’s that easy!
  • Very Convenient
  • Improve Security
  • Save Time
  • Unbeatable Value
  • Reliable
  • Peace of Mind
Automated system for swing and folding gates with 2 Channel, 5 Channel remote control
  • 24vdc Heavy Duty

Infrared Safety Beam
Reverse open when the infrared safety beam detected an obstacle

Automatic Close Timer
The gate will close automatically after being opened for a preset time

Motion Lock Function
To inhibit the gate from motion for some occasions

Panic Alarm
Emergency alarm can be triggered with the remote control or keyboard

Intruder Alarm
The infrared safety beam is also acting as an intruder detector

Automatic Lighting
Automatic switch on when the gate is open or switch from the remote control or keypad